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Not Enough Dolts (To Buy Those Stupid Volts)

From the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal:

General Motors Co. will idle production of its Chevrolet Volt battery-powered car for five weeks beginning this month because of slow sales amid an effort to boost the vehicle’s consumer appeal, the company said Friday.

Launched last year with great fanfare, the Volt has had a rocky start as sales stalled, and the car became a lightning rod for critics of the Obama administration’s auto-industry bailout and support for alternative energy.


Word of the production halt comes only days after President Barack Obama praised the car in a recent campaign speech in Washington, D.C., saying he planned to buy one “in five years when I’m out of office.”


If Obama isn’t going to be leaving office for five years he’s going to have to buy a used one because I’m pretty sure they won’t be making Volts by then – although I guess it’s possible they’ll revive “cash for clunkers”, but this time for new cars.  Under this program we can pay GM to make Volts and then dump them in the ocean to use as artificial reefs. 


Obama is right about one thing though……………the future of green energy is the future of America.  And that common future is BANKRUPTCY!


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