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Not Exactly My Crowd

But to each his own I guess.

Also new on YouTube this morning, state DOT worker performs new stress test on aging Main Street drawbridge.

I think it passed.


  1. Joe Smolinski wrote:

    which one is DJAIS DRUNKARD?

    Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 8:54 am | Permalink
  2. DJAIS DRUNKARD wrote:


    Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 9:58 am | Permalink
  3. Not my crowd wrote:

    Read the google reviews on our famous bars in town, Djais and Bar Anticipation, fun reading on google.Health/ fire violations and watered down drinks,urine on sinks.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

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