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Notes From The Road

So I’ve started visiting with the people, getting them used to the idea that there will soon be another short, bald guy up on the dais.  I hope they’re ready for it.

All kidding aside (for the moment), it has been quite fun and educational.

For starters, I’ve developed a newfound respect for all the letter carriers of this great nation.  I’m sure the local guys are none too pleased at FEMA’s policy of forcing everybody’s houses up another five or ten feet into the air.

I also learned that nearly every household in town has at least one dog.  And on this occasion I would like to announce that all my policies will be strongly pro-dog.

One long time resident who lives on a one-way avenue in town told me the cars used to go a lot slower when her street was two-way.  One-way streets leave the roadway wide enough to speed.  When cars going both directions have to both use that roadway, they have to slow down.  I think it would make things much safer for our kids (and our dogs!)  To me this is a better solution to speeders on the one-way streets than using speed bumps, extra stop signs or more police patrols.  It would cost nothing and make it easier to get around town.  The one-way streets are such a pain anyway.   By getting rid of them we would increase freedom and safety at the same time.  Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change?

Another resident asked about the bathhouse.  (I have to explain to everyone that contrary to the impression given by the mayor’s second letter, it was actually the mayor’s idea to have a bathhouse and not a vicious rumor spread by some unsavory element in town.)  I explained to her that the idea behind it was that people would be more likely to patronize a local restaurant if they had some place to shower and change clothes after being on the beach all day.  I’m sure it would help, but it’s not the town’s job to make people feel clean enough to go to restaurants.  This particular woman had a back round in the restaurant industry and suggested that some enterprising restauranteur should provide shower facilities for diners who like to be clean when they eat.  What an interesting idea!  Any takers?

On a related note, I am working on a plan to provide free dog grooming services to all the people of Belmar.

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