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Obama. Stop Calling It A Penalty!

How can Obama keep insisting it’s a penalty?  If it’s a penalty it’s unconstitutional.  If the president really thinks it’s a penalty then he should rescind the law.  Of course that would require integrity, something Obama doesn’t seem to possess one molecule of. 

It can’t be a tax to one branch of government and a penalty to the other.  Obama wants his health care bill, but he doesn’t want to break his promise of no tax increases for the middle class.  He can’t just fudge the difference.  Maybe that’s how they do things in third world countries like Bolivia (or Kenya) but many of we Americans hold to this quaint old notion that we live in a country governed by the rule of law, not the whims and fantasies of powerful men.

By the way, it’s unconstitutional as a tax too.  It originated in the Senate, and all tax bills are required by the Constitution to originate in the House.  And it’s a direct tax on individuals.  The Constitution dictates that all direct taxes on individuals be apportioned between the states based on their respective populations.  That’s why they had to amend the Constitution in 1913 in order to enact the income tax.  They still had some respect for the Constitution back then.  Nowadays we don’t even bother with amendments.

Maybe Obama should just declare the Constitution to be right-wing, skinhead hate speech and replace it with a new, simplified constitution better suited for the times.  It could be four words long:  “Whatever the president wants”.


Speaking of Kenya, I never considered myself to be a birther, but lately I’m really starting to wonder.  We have evidence of a forged birth certificate released after years of stonewalling, a possibly fraudulent social security number issued in Connecticut (Obama never lived in Connecticut),  a bio from Obama’s literary agent that ran from 1991 to 2007 saying he was born in Kenya (Obama didn’t “correct” it until his campaign began) and all sorts of other funny business. 

Of course only a total nut job would look at all this and start to wonder what’s going on.  Sane people, when presented with all this evidence, would simply ignore it.

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