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One Down, Couple Hundred To Go

Thank you, little ole Allamuchy Township, for standing up to the biggest bullies on the block.  Those would be ,of course, Mary Pat “Chuck Schumer” Angellini and her gang of know-it-all busybodies at 125 State St.  Allamuchy sued to prevent itself from being forced to implement Trenton’s “toughest in the nation” anti-bullying law.  (Why is it that every damn law in New Jersey has to be the “toughest in the nation”?  I’m walking on eggshells every time I leave my house!)  This law is a total disaster for the taxpayers.  It requires districts to create  entire anti-bullying bureaucracies, with boards, commissions, reports and tons of new employees, of course.  It expands the definition of bullying to include schoolyard taunts and teases.  And worst of all, it holds the schools legally liable for not being aware of any “bullying” that might be occuring.  Anytime one kid calls another kid fat, there will be a lawsuit against the taxpayers.  This has to be one of the stupidest laws ever passed, even by New Jersey standards.

Of course it’s proponents are shocked that Allamuchy won it’s case before the Council on Local Mandates.  Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen), who along with Mary Pat, concocted this monstrosity, called the council a ” rarely used, shadowy fourth branch of government”, and vowed to overcome the obstacles to enforcement of her stupid law.  Well I agree with her on one thing.  The Council on Local Mandates is a rarely used, shadowy fourth branch of government.  It needs to be used every day and to come out of the shadows and start doing it’s job!  Here is my to-do list for them (just off the top of my head):

Police Domestic Violence Training

Police CPR/AED First Responder 

Police Gas Mask Fit Testing

Police Hazmat/Blood borne Pathogens course

Police ICS 100, 200, 800 Certification

Police Counter Terrorism Certification

Police Annual Firearms Qualification

Police Automatic Weapons/Carbines Training

Police Active Shooter Class

Police Firearms Instructor

Police Active Shooter Instructors

Dispatcher CPR/AED Training

Dispatcher EMD Training

Dispatcher Hazmat/Blood borne Pathogens Course

Dispatcher EMD/911 Instructor

Dispatcher Gas Mask Fit Testing

Dispatcher ICS 100, 200, 800 Certification

Alcotest equipment and training

Recording System for interviews and arrests

Mandatory Police Related Equipment

Police and Firemen’s Retirement System Mandates

Police Contract Arbitration

Megan’s Law

Playground Safety Enhancements

Automated External Defibrillators & Training

Planning Board Members Training

Zoning Board Members Training

Master Plan and Master Plan Reexamination Reports

Municipal Engineer Requirements

Municipal Land Use Attorney Requirements

Stan Planning Commission – Plan Endorsement

Highlands Council Plan Conformance


NJDEP Regulations

NJDEP Storm water Management Programs

NJDEP Water/Sewer testing

Wastewater & Water Quality Management Plans

Stormwater Management Plans

Certified Public Works Coordinator

Certified Recycling Coordinator and Program

Truck & Equipment Washing Facilities

Water Operations Course and Certification

Misc Public Works Training Requirements

Deer Carcass Removal from highways

Court Personnel Training

Court Administrator Training

Mandatory use of State Forms and Tickets

Bullet Proof Glass for Court Rooms

Court Security Plan

Public Employee Retirement Systems Appropriations Mandates

Mandatory Heath Care Insurance Contributions

Mandatory Negotiations Regarding Public Union Groups

Open Public Records Act

Elections Training and Machines

Certified Purchasing Agent

Green Products Purchasing Course

Prevailing Wage Laws for all Publicly Funded Projects

Prevailing Wage Laws for Public Utility Construction

Mandatory Property Revaluation

Public Employee Occupational Safety & Health Act

Office of the State Controller Statutory Reporting Requirements

Public Employee Retirement System/Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund Contributions

Full Day Preschool

Full Day Kindergarten

Special Education Requirements

School Psychiatric Evaluations

School Board Election Recall Officials Training

NJDOE Student Testing Requirements

(School) Public Employee Occupational Safety and Health Act (PEOSH) Right to Know

PEOSH Asbestos Inspection

PEOSH Smoke Stack Permits

PEOSH Water Testing

PEOSH Boiler License

PEOSH Florescent Bulb Recycling

PEOSH Long Range Facilities Plan

PEOSH Fire Retardant Protection

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