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Rejection Of $7 Mil Bond Ordinance Will RAISE The Cost!

After the meeting, Doherty said if the bond is defeated, the cost of the project would likely increase because the lowest bidder, Epic Group Inc. of Piscataway, the same contractor that rebuilt the borough’s boardwalk, has said they will not bid on the pavilions again.

“As bad as it is to spend $20,000 on an unnecessary special election, now you’re talking about possibly the price going up hundreds of thousands of dollars because the lowest bidder isn’t going to bid again,” the mayor said.

(In today’s Asbury Park Press.)

Well we can’t let that happen.  We better pass that bond or the pavilions will cost even more than $7 million!

I have a theory why Epic Group is able to give us the lowest price.  It seems that the bid we put out for the pavilions included the unusual requirement that the winning bidder participate in a union apprenticeship program.  Well since the founder and head of Epic, Robert Epifano Sr., sits on the board of trustees of the Laborers International Training and Education program, he must be able to get us that training wholesale.  (My guess is that other bidders would probably have to pay retail.)  Some really good blogger wrote an article about this situation a few months ago.  And if you read page 3 in this series of emails between Borough Administrator Colleen Connolly and various members of the Local Finance Board you will see that because it was complained about, Board member Thomas Neff required an explanation of that particular and somewhat peculiar stipulation.

BTW, it’s a really great day out there today and the Parkers were on my block by 10:30 this morning.  By noon they were passing down the street about every 20 seconds.

I feel bad.  All those people drove all the way down here through all that traffic.  Then it took them a half hour to park and another twenty minutes to walk from their cars to the beach.  And when they got down there………

NO PAVILIONS!  HAHAHAHA!  The joke’s on them!  All that effort for nothing!

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