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Residents Sue To Stop Booze On The Boardwalk

Pringle is their lawyer!

As reported in the Coast Star:

Two Belmar residents filed a lawsuit against the borough this week, seeking to overturn the town’s designation of the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment.

On May 20, the law firm of Pringle Quinn Anzano, filed suit on behalf of borough residents Steven Edelman and Henry Grau, seeking to invalidate the mayor and council’s April 3 decision designating the boardwalk area as an area in need of redevelopment.

Former Belmar mayor Ken Pringle is a partner in the firm.

The council approved a resolution with a 4-1 vote at the April 3 council meeting that designates the beachfront as an area in need of redevelopment. Councilman Jim Bean was the sole no vote…………………….

…………………….“As a resident and property owner, I am deeply troubled that our mayor and council are misusing the redevelopment law in order to get around the state’s public bidding laws and choose their own developer and tenants,” Mr. Edelman said. “This would also give the borough the ability to unilaterally decide the character of our town.”………………………….

…….Mr. Grau said declaring the boardwalk area as an area “is of particular concern, because the mayor has already gone on record saying that the borough is going to allow the developer of the new Thirteenth Avenue Pavilion to have a special liquor license issued by the state. Belmar has come too far to have our mayor and council negotiating private deals to give selected developers the rights to build pavilions with liquor licenses on our boardwalk.”

Mayor Doherty said having a liquor license at the beachfront is a possibility, “but nobody said anything definite.”


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