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Rule Of Law?

Or Rule Of What Upsets Mary Pat This Week?


In case any of you were wondering what type of assemblyman I might have been if, against all odds, I somehow won last month’s election, think of Mary Pat Angelini.  And then think the opposite!

When I think of all the words one might use to describe the governing style of Ms. Angelini, “contemplative” is dead last on the list.  The woman is so craven for her own political security and advancement that she will even exploit the outrageous, depraved assault on David Ivins, an indigent resident of Wall Township, in order to insert herself into the story and further her own political career.  Within a couple of days of this terrible crime, she proposed a new law to make the motive of the crime, in this case assault for the purpose of entertainment, an additional offense.  I used to call her the Chuck Schumer of New Jersey, but the student has now surpassed the master!  I will, from now on, refer to Senator Schumer as the Mary Pat Angelini of New York.  Although Assemblymen David Rible and John Bramnick have joined Ms. Angelini in her latest act of  political demagoguery, neither of these pikers can hold a candle to her.

Politicians like Ms. Angelini could care less about constitutional government and individual freedom.  What’s important to her is to get her name into any big story that causes emotions to run high.  This is not rule of law.  It is rule of the emotions and ambition of Mary Pat Angelini.


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