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Selective Respect For Anonymity

I was checking the Belmar web site to see if they ever migrated the minutes and agendas from meetings prior to August to the new ($11,000) site (they haven’t), and noticed the link for a “How’s Belmar Doing?” survey.  This is a great idea.  I would suggest that they post all responses on the bottom of the page so we who are paying the salaries can see how they’re doing too.

I notice they are requiring survey takers to disclose their full names and email addresses.  (Of course this will discourage most people who would have something negative to say from participating in the survey.)   

But think about that.  To speak at a public meeting, you have to state your name and address first.  To comment over the web, you have to give your name and email.  They even demanded a photocopy of your driver’s license just to live here without owning your own house before they found out that was illegal to do so.  But our mayor and attorney wave around some anonymous letter that reads like a ransom note (“I will be in the audience”), and apparently was delivered in the same manner as a ransom note, and use it to throw Belmar’s housing policy into chaos and our council into such turmoil that it is losing it’s ability to govern.

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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    Indeed !! Well stated

    Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 5:39 am | Permalink

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