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Should Have Used The Ipe

Well we’re certainly not going to make much headway this weekend against paying off that $20 million bond we took out to pay for the new boardwalk.  Even though the skies are supposed to clear up tomorrow it is still going to be too cool for very many people to spend time (and money) at the beach.

I blame Rainforest Relief and the Sierra Club for this.  It was their threat to sue us if we used ipe wood that made Matt Doherty switch to Trex in his haste to get the boardwalk built and thus saved a few hundred of their precious ipe trees.  Well thanks, Rainforest Relief and Sierra Club.  Those few hundred trees, according to your propaganda, prevented the global warming we needed to get the crowds out here.  Without the revenues those crowds would have produced, we can’t pay off our bond!

BTW, seems like everyone else finished their boardwalks on time, too.  Even Avon, which wisely stuck with it’s decision to use the ipe despite the ridiculous threats from the global cooling global warming climate change crowd.

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