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SID Lives

Well the SID got another one year lease on life, albeit with a slightly reduced budget, as the council Wednesday night approved it’s continuance by a 3 to 2 vote after a rather contentious public hearing.  Jim Bean voted against it as expected, but surprisingly Councilman Brian Magovern also opposed it, saying that it’s $135,000 cost was still too high a burden for our local businesses to bear.  Bravo Jim and Brian! 

Having a 4 to 1 majority on the council affords the Democratic members the luxury of occasionally voting their conscience (or their own political self interest) and saying no to something the mayor wants without upending the mayor’s plans.  Councilwoman Claire Deicke used one such freebie at the previous meeting, voting against the appointment of Michael DuPont as borough attorney, saying she thought long-time borough attorney Karl Kemm had been doing a perfectly good job. 

If the Republicans are able to win another seat this fall, expect a lot more voting discipline from a 3-2 Democratic majority than the one that currently exists.

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