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So Who Is Asking Us To “Protect” Europe From Russia?

Not the Europeans!

I was quite annoyed about a month ago when I learned that half the Germans see themselves more in the role of mediating the dispute between the United States and Russia than being the ones we are “protecting” from Russia.

From the Financial Times of London:

Helmut Schmidt has said that Russia’s actions in Crimea were “completely understandable”. Helmut Kohl has fretted about how the West is being too tough on Russia. Opinion polls also suggest that the German public is deeply reluctant to confront Russia – with just under 50 per cent saying they see Germany’s role as mediating between Russia and the US.


So the Germans want to “mediate” between us and Russia?  Who the hell are we fighting for?

Well at least we know the French get it.  Our oldest ally understands the threat that Russia poses and will certainly be at our side…….or will they?

From Business Insider:

As its Western allies condemn Russian actions in Ukraine, France prepares to give Russia’s military a boost.
On June 22, a group of 400 Russian sailors will arrive in France to be trained how to operate a powerful French-made warship, one of two that Paris is selling to Moscow, Stacy Meichtry of The Wall Street Journal reports.

Oh, and get this:

Germany backs France on Russia warship contract

So what the hell are we doing?  Can anyone tell me?


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