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Sweeney: Highest State Taxes In The Country Is Great!

It’s only the local taxes that are a problem.


Speaking in opposition to Christie’s proposed 10% income tax cut, the State Senate leader said:

“It’s not the income tax that’s a problem in this state, it’s the property tax, I don’t know anyone that’s screaming for an income tax cut, but I sure know people crying to (get) help (with) property taxes.”

So the only taxes Sweeney thinks are a problem are the ones imposed by other people.  His 8.97% income tax, 6th highest in the USA is fine.  His  7% sales tax, tied for 2nd highest in the USA is wonderful.  The people love paying them!  It’s those darn property taxes – which are what pays for our schools, police, fire protection, plowing, sanitation, and many other services we enjoy -, those are the problem.

The reason Sweeney doesn’t know anyone who is screaming for an income tax cut is because because he doesn’t hang around with productive people.  This is understandable, however, because so many of them don’t live in New Jersey anymore.

Sweeney is all for cutting taxes.  Just not the ones that fatten him and his cronies.  If he wants to cut property taxes he should run for city council or mayor.  If he wants to do his job as senate president he should be cutting state taxes.

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