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The Chris Christie Show Is Coming To Belmar

I’m sure you all know Christie will be here Tuesday.  I RSVPed for an admission pass right after I got the email about it last Tuesday, but never heard back about it.  Maybe I’m on the list.  Or maybe I’m on some other list…if you know what I mean.

His last couple of town halls have been pretty raucous affairs.  There have been protestors outside and hecklers inside.  Here is what happened last Thursday in Mount Laurel:

And last Tuesday in South River:

Hmmm.  At least they didn’t ask any questions.

Seriously, I think this sort of behavior is unacceptable.  People have a right to speak, but they don’t have a right to speak at somebody else’s venue.  People were there to hear the governor, not a bunch of college students or union hacks.  If you have a problem with the governor you are perfectly free to set up your own venue and say anything you want.  I have a lot of issues with this governor and I use this blog to air them.  Nobody is stopping me.

But I do think these sorts of displays actually help Christie and deep down I wonder if…….

You see the main audience that Christie needs impress at this point is Republican primary voters.  And while Christie needs to overcome doubts about his ethics with all of those primary voters, he also needs to establish his conservative bona fides with those voters who might be leaning towards Rand Paul or maybe Ted Cruz.  What better way than to have public worker unionists and liberal college students protesting his every public appearance?

I know it sounds crazy to think that our Republican governor might actually coordinate with unionists to stage events and fool the public into thinking something is going on that actually isn’t.  And a month ago I would never have harbored such suspicions.  But since learning of Christie’s staff’s close cooperation with the laborers union in packing the hearings on the bogus Port Authority toll hikes, making sure only union shills were able to be heard, I’m starting to think anything is possible with this crowd.

Anyway I guess if I wasn’t on any lists before, I am now.  Or if I was on a list, I’m off it now.

In other news, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports that the northbound Pulaski Skyway is set to close down for two years supposedly for an “overhaul”.  Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop reacted by saying:  “It’s going to be a huge headache—there’s no way that I could overstate it……We’re putting everything in place possible in order to best plan for this, but it is uncharted territory.” 

I knew he should have endorsed Chris Christie.

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