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Busy Winter Ahead

Well the mayor got everything he wanted at last night’s council meeting and the $20 million boardwalk project will be paid for with $15 million from FEMA and the other $5 million coming from beach revenues (hopefully.)  I would have preferred we explore some other options that wouldn’t need $15 million stolen from American taxpayers but the pressure to have the thing done by Memorial Day is overwhelming and delaying the project might put the FEMA money at risk.  Politically it is probably the only way forward, and since we are being robbed to pay for everyone else’s projects, there is some justification in trying to grab some of the loot for ourselves.  It would be much better though if nobody looted anybody.


I did suggest my plan to sell beach naming rights and advertising space to some nationally known beach and surf related brands and the mayor was receptive to my idea.  He said he would explore the possibility and keep me abreast of any action.  I’ll report any movement on that.  I’d really like to see it happen.


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