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The Real Reason It’s $7 Million

You weren’t supposed to see the AFL-CIO letter published below.  I’m sure glad I have a friend who is one of those people forced to be in a union because of the work that person does.  If it weren’t for that I, and you, might never have seen it and it is quite revealing.  It demonstrates that the unions are a big part of this and that for them there’s a lot of money at stake.  Right now that money is in your bank account.  The unions wish to change that.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits it points to:

First of all, I’m not interested in job creation for local residents if I’m the one paying their salaries.  I want a government that gets the job done with as few jobs as possible not as many as possible.

Secondly, haven’t we learned yet that “stimulus” doesn’t work?  Just grabbing money from a group of people and handing it off to your cronies does not create wealth.  It just moves it around.  It is the equivalent of scooping water out of the deep end of a pool and pouring it into the shallow end, hoping to make the shallow end deeper.  Sure, it will be a boost to the economy of the union workers and union bosses and our million dollar engineering firm, but it will be a depressant to the household economies of the rest of us.

And of course the “open and competitive” bidding process was only open to those firms supporting a union apprenticeship program or those that pay journeyman’s wages, which is the fiscal equivalent of hiring college graduates to drive nails.

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