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The S.I.D. And The Christmas Tree Tax

The aborted (so far) Christmas tree tax is analogous to the S.I.D. (Special Improvement District) in that it employs the government gun to force businesses to join, and again to enforce the rules of, a private business organization.  The busybodies that concocted this dopey Christmas tree tax are the same type of people that pushed the S.I.D. down the throats of our businesses here in Belmar.  These people think their ideas are so important that they don’t hesitate to use force if needed.  When I complained about the use of force on peaceful, honest citizens to one of the proponents of the S.I.D. last year, her reply was “To make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs”.  So anyone who just wants to be left alone, you will be cracked like an egg!

This Peter Schiff interview with Betty Malone of the National Christmas Tree Association is highly instructive.  Every time they speak of the Association think S.I.D. and every time they speak of the federal government think Belmar’s government.  It really is the exact same situation.  The interview with Ms. Malone starts at 0:37:30.  



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