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The Un-Christie

So our mayor was spotlighted in a story in yesterday’s Press as the flip side of Christie’s hardball stance with the unions.  Since Matt wants us all to “work together as a community” it will be interesting to see who ends up paying the coming 22% percent increase in pension payments and the 11% increase in the health care bill that he mentions later in the same story.  Most likely we taxpayers will be “working together” to pay it.  All of it.    

It was gratifying to see him complain about state mandates, something I’ve been known to do, but like I said yesterday it’s up to those who won the election, who are now in power, to actually do something about it!  And mandates or not we still spend too much money.

I was also pleased to hear his endorsement of the principle of home rule although I wish he had been a little more emphatic about it. 


I saw the front page story  “Ticketing for dollars” about how many towns, especially those that suffered large cuts in state aid, are using their police, and in some cases installing red-light cameras, to increase revenues.  Neil Scheck’s opinion notwithstanding this is wrong wrong wrong.  Very evil.  Don’t even think about it for Belmar.

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