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They Blew The Money From Their Tax Increase…….

The First Day!


It was supposed to save us.  Just raise taxes on the rich.  Make the rich pay their fair share and fix the budget!  Well they got their big tax increase on those making over $450,000.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, we will see as a result of the increase an additional $600 billion in revenues over the next ten years.  That’s $60 billion a year for you math majors.  (The deficit last year, by the way, was $1.4 trillion.)

Well anyway,

They blew it the first day!  The first day!!


That’s right, with that $60 billion porkburger known as the Sandy Relief Bill, the Senate spent this year’s entire revenue increase the first day of 2013!

I guess the only thing to do now is go back to the rich and tell them we need more.



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