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Unnatural Disaster Forces Manasquan Tax Hike

Well, come on, we had a series of those never-seen-before “polar vortexes”.  (Actually we did see them before lots of times.  But before the weather seemed so spooky to us we used to call them arctic air masses.)  There was all the overtime costs for the snow plow guys and all the extra maintenance on the plows themselves.  Then there was all the road salt they had to use and all the potholes that had to be fixed.  Just the cost of heating Manasquan’s high school building in all those weeks of single digit temperatures was enough to bust a small town’s budget.

manasquan snowOops!  According to borough officials none of that had anything to do with it.

Oh, then it was the storm.  Of course.  Manasquan suffered terrible destruction that night, even worse than Belmar.

If Belmar had to borrow and spend tens of millions in order to recover, Manasquan must have borrowed and spent hundreds of millions!  It’s unsurprising to me that Manasquan residents are now facing a tax increase. Like I always say, all spending is taxes someday and someday apparently begins this year in Manasquan.

…..Oh.  Really?  Manasquan actually borrowed less than Belmar?  Then they cut millions off the bonds because they ended up not spending all the money?  Sandy has nothing to do with the tax hike?

Hmm.  What could it be?

The Patch explains:

Hurricane Sandy or the impact of recent snowstorms were not cited as reasons for the possible increase. An increase in the employees’ group health insurance, however, could reportedly be a factor……………..

Manasquan could be releasing a budget by the end of the month that could hike municipal taxes for the average homeowner by $60.

Hurricane Sandy or the impact of recent snowstorms were not cited as reasons for the possible increase. An increase in the employees’ group health insurance, however, could be a factor, according to The Coast Star………….



Poor Manasquan.  Luckily, here in Belmar we’ve figured out how to never have tax increases. 

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