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Update: The Usurpers Are On The March!

The Solons of Trenton are preparing to jam their wise counsel down our throats.

From today’s Asbury Park Press:

The state Assembly Ways and Means Committee is expected to debate on Jan. 22 a bill that would give a state commission consolidating towns and services the authority to withhold state aid to municipalities which reject its recommendations.

The bill, A-3119, would give the Local Unit Alignment Reorganization and Consolidation Commission the ability to withhold for five consecutive years the Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Aid funds from towns where residents vote down its recommendations.

“(If) voters in a municipality do not approve a consolidation proposal put before those voters at a general election — then for a period of five state fiscal years — the municipality shall be ineligible for Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Aid,” the bill states.

The state would start withholding funds from the towns that vote down the commission’s recommendations in the fiscal year following the election. The consolidation process calls for residents to have the final say on any changes the commission suggests.

The relief aid funds are among the largest forms of state aid towns receive.

The legislation was sponsored by Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts Jr., D-Camden, and Assemblyman John Wisnewski, D-Middlesex.

Wisnewski said that while most people say they support consolidation, few are actually willing to see the process unfold.

“Everyone generically agrees, but lots of people don’t want to take the plunge,” he said.

Wisnewski added that it’s “overly simplistic” to say the government is punishing towns where residents are essentially saying through their votes they don’t want to consolidate. History shows, he said, that few residents vote in favor of consolidation referendums.

“If you don’t offer the carrots and sticks, you might as well throw in the towel,” he said.

William Dressel, executive director of the state League of Municipalities, a lobbying group, is opposed to the bill, saying that it punishes towns who don’t agree with the commission.


Who even knew we had a “Local Unit Alignment Reorganization and Consolidation Commision” ?

Well I propose that all state aid be withheld from legislative district 19 until they stop electing arrogant elitists like John Wisniewski to the assembly.

Please contact:

State Senator Sean Kean

Assemblyman Dave Rible

Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini

Assemblyman Joseph Roberts

Assemblyman John Wisnewski

Mayor Ken Pringle

Tell them we elected our own mayor and council to run our town. Tell them we don’t exactly appreciate being blackmailed with our own money into letting them run our towns for us.

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