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Vitello: DWI Whitewash!

According to a story in today’s Coast Star, ex Belmar cop Darian Vitello is asking the aptly-named Monmouth County Assignment Judge Lawrence Lawson to change the venue of his perjury charges against Palmisano and Huisman.


On April 2, Mr. Solomon (Vitello’s lawyer) sent a letter to Monmouth County Assignment Judge Lawrence Lawson, requesting that the Office of the Attorney General [OAG] assume the prosecution of the charges against Chief Palmisano and Capt. Huisman and to move the case to a county “you deem appropriate.”

“They [the county prosecutor’s office] can’t judge it fairly,” Mr. Solomon said.

The county prosecutor’s office responded on April 10, saying it has already addressed the issue with the OAG, who, according to the letter, said “that such facts do not present the potential for conflict and, therefore, do not warrant supersession by that office.”

The letter also says that Mr. Solomon did not make the request through a motion, so it is not properly before Judge Lawson.

According to a letter written on April 4 by Analisa Sama Holmes, deputy attorney general, the matter the OAG addressed was in relation to a Belmar Police Department Internal Affairs Unit investigation into claims Mr. Vitello made. These claims were that in two instances, 2007 and 2008, two Belmar officers changed the charges or altered the readings in a driving while intoxicated investigation, according to a letter.


Judge Lawson must be so sick of hearing cases about Belmar.

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