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We’ve Already Done Our “Sacrificing”

We hear the term “shared sacrifice” used to argue that the public workers should accept something less than the luxuriant pensions and health care plans that have been promised them.  I support the concept of shared sacrifice too, but the problem is that one side (we taxpayers) is already sacrificing and the other side (public workers) presently is not. 

New Jersey has the highest state taxes in the country.  New Jersey has the highest local taxes in the country.  It has the highest out-migration rate in the country.  Nobody is moving in from other states, only from other countries (some of which actually have even worse governments than here in New Jersey, if you can believe it).  But the politicians and the unions think we’ve had it too easy.  They think we’ve been living high on the hog, spending the money we have left on things like clothes and rent instead of fully funding their lavish pensions.  You see now we have to sacrifice.  I say as a New Jerseyian, who can not pay any more taxes, FUGGETABOUTIT.

Governor Christie, do not come to Belmar for a 22% increase in pension payments.  The state made that deal, not us.  Let the state figure out how to pay them.  They can start by only paying what we in the private sector get.  They can eliminate state agencies such as:

Capital City Redevelopment Corporation

Civil Service Commission

New Jersey Commission onCancer Research

Commission on Higher Education

Commission on Science and Technology

Council on Local Mandates

Delaware River Basin Commission

New Jersey Council onDevelopmental Disabilities

Division of Rate Counsel

Economic Development Authority

Educational Facilities Authority (NJEFA)

Energy Master Plan

Environmental Infrastructure Trust

Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Planning Authority (FMERPA)

Garden State Preservation Trust

Global Warming

Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma

Health Care Facilities Financing Authority (NJHCFFA)

Higher Education Student Assistance Authority

Highlands Council

Historic Trust (NJHT)

Homeland Security

Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

Housing Resource Center (NJHRC)


Local Unit Alignment, Reorganization and Consolidation Commission (LUARCC)

Meadowlands Commission

New Jersey State Board of Mediation (NJSBM)

New Jersey Network (NJN)

Pinelands Commission

Pinelands Development Credit Bank

Professional Boards and Advisory Committees

Public Employment Relations Commission

Real Estate Commission

Redevelopment Authority (NJRA)

Schools Development Authority

Spinal Cord Research, New Jersey Commission on

State Casino Reinvestment Development Authority

Statewide Independent Living Council (NJSILC), New Jersey

Transit, New Jersey

Turnpike Authority

Victims of Crime Compensation Agency

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

State Employment and Training Commission

I’m sure there’s at least a dozen more that I overlooked.

The average rise in income in New Jersey last year was three tenths of one percent.  The state just awarded our police union a raise of three percent a year for five years.  That’s ten times what the rest of us got.  We can’t pay any more. 

Governor Christie, you wanted the job.  You figure it out.  Declare bankruptcy if you have to.  But don’t come to us for any more money.

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