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What A Killjoy!

Jim Bean ruins the party by asking what the price is.

From an on-line APP story about the grand pavilions being proposed for the boardwalk:

But despite the plans, the borough has yet to receive a price estimate for the construction, which councilman Jim Bean considers a problem.  “I asked the engineer; I asked the architect; nobody had any idea (what the cost will be),”  said Bean, the sole Republican member of the five-member council.   “Information is being withheld even though we’re asking about it.”

In general, Bean said he thinks Doherty should provide more transparency in rebuilding the pavilions. The councilman disagreed with the Democratic mayor’s presentation of the proposals during a lengthy meeting one day before July Fourth. He also dislikes the idea of voting for the pavilions altogether rather than individually.

“The building with mini-golf is more than what Belmar needs,” he said.

Despite Bean’s opposition, Doherty remains confident that the proposals are a step in the right direction.

“The majority of the council wants to move forward with this,” said Doherty, who added that Bean also opposed the boardwalk’s reconstruction. “This is an opportunity to do things the right way and not the cheap way.”

I don’t recall Bean opposing the boardwalk reconstruction.  He did, however, oppose the cost-over runs and rushed, no-bid contracts.

One thing, though,  is certainly true.  No one can accuse this mayor of ever wanting to do anything the cheap way.

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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    I am curious as to where the line falls when the Mayor makes an untrue comment. At what point is it misinformation or ignorance of the facts, and at what point is it an out and out lie? I have heard entirely to many misrepresentation of fact concerning both Councilman Bean, and some issues over the past few months to be continually giving Doherty the benefit of the doubt. His words are, in my opinion, often lies bordering on being libelous. Mr. Mayor,I stand ready to offer praise when things are done right and truly for the good of all, but will always address with scorn your petty politics and personal agendas. To the Mayor’s credit though his comments are one of the few transparent things we have going for us.

    Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

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