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Who Runs Belmar?

Everyone who knows me, or reads this blog, knows I hate taxes. I only accept as legitimate that portion which goes towards essential services only government can provide such as police, courts, and infrastructure. All the rest is, in my opinion, legalized theft. So am I pleased that the governor is preparing to impose a 2.5% cap on property tax increases? No. I am not.

I support tax caps. I would like them to be set at 0%, adjusted for inflation. But each level of government must impose tax caps on themselves. I propose one for Belmar right here, right now. 0% and difficult to over-ride. Actually I want to see negative tax increases, in other words, tax cuts.  But the governor needs to stay out of our kitchen. Belmar property tax policy is the business of Belmar and Belmar only.

If Governor Christie wants to help us get control of property taxes he needs to repeal all the mandates and regulations that the state burdens us with. Many of them are outlined here. Instead he expects us to perform some kind of magic trick, doing more and more at their behest every year, but never increasing taxes.

It’s no coincidence that the state with the highest income and sales taxes also happens to have the highest property taxes. The lice that run this state are not content to impose their poisonous ideology and policies on state government. They think their ideas are so important that they must be forced on the towns as well. Do this, do that, pay for this, pay for that. Oh, and no tax increases.

Please. Trenton. Get your own house in order and GET OUT OF BELMAR. Take your mandates, your grants, your tax caps, your consolidation schemes, and all your other crap and GO AWAY. We in Belmar are perfectly capable of running Belmar ourselves.

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