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You Can Deal With This:












Or You Can Deal With That!











The top photo is an artist’s rendering of the proposed restaurant to replace Fishermans Den over at the marina.  It’s beautiful!  So clean and modern!  (I have to tell you I’m really sick of this phony Victorian look that’s so prevalent down here.) 

It is part of a $10 million dollar development project that includes a tiki bar on the pier and a miniature golf facility to the south of the restaurant.  It is a totally private undertaking done on land it will lease from the borough.  Details here, and here.  

And the second photo……………… is of the government.

I presume the two main partners in this venture, David Bettencourt of Long Branch and Michael Tennyson of Spring Lake are both millionaires.  What would Belmar have gotten if “soak the rich” politicians like Barack Obama and Steve Sweeney had gotten to that $10 million before they were able to spend it on creating this beautiful new marina for us? 











God only knows how many great things we would have if the politicians had been letting people keep more of their money.  When we see them mugging it up for the cameras at a ribbon cutting for some or another new government crap, they are presuming that people like Mr. Bettencourt and Mr. Tennyson were only going to keep that $10 million buried in shoeboxes in their backyards but thankfully, dedicated public servants such as themselves were able to pry it from them and use it for “The People” instead.  But the only way to know what “The People” really want is to let them voluntarily spend and invest their money the way they see fit.  If Sweeney and Obama get their “millionaires’ taxes” that they are both aching so badly for, we are going to see a lot fewer good things happening in our country and in our state.    


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