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Traffic Ticket Camera Debate in Today’s APP

Three cheers for Mayor Edward Engelbart of Pequannock Township, who took the “no” side in the “Hot Topic” debate in today’s Press (@ISSUE section). He ended his article with:


What this will do is separate people from government. And I think that when government becomes too separated from people and too impersonal, it is bad.

Using cameras of any kind to enforce driving regulations is not the way to go. What that will do is exacerbate the individual’s resentment toward law enforcement and government. And it could lead to more disrespect and mistrust of both. That would not be good.


Mayor Engelbart, when you’re done mayor’n up there in Pequannock can you come down and do some mayor’n for us here in Belmar?

Opining for Big-Brother is Democrat Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, who offers up the usual twaddle about how safe we’ll all be with government cameras watching us whenever we leave our houses. I pointed out in a recent post that there is no conclusive evidence that red light cameras make us any safer. The evidence actually suggests the opposite, an increase in accidents. But even if you accept the arguments of the pro-snooping crowd, is it worth it?

On this issue I am of similar mind to Thomas Jefferson, who said:


I prefer dangerous liberty to safe tyranny.


Of course if Jefferson were to run for public office today he would immediately be branded by the establishment as “unelectable”.


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