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Thanks to everyone who voted for me, but I guess I better keep my day job.



REP – Richard J. WRIGHT 984 45.37%
DEM – Matthew J. DOHERTY 1,182 54.50%
Write-In 3 0.14%
Total 2,169 100.00%


REP – James BEAN 979 22.67%
REP – Gregory J. DEMPSEY 939 21.74%
DEM – Claire DEICKE 1,139 26.37%
DEM – Brian P. MAGOVERN 1,163 26.93%
David SCHNECK 99 2.29%
Write-In 0 0.00%
Total 4,319 100.00%

99 Votes.  I was pretty sad last night but in retrospect getting the equivalent of 4.6% of the vote (since every voter had 2 votes) is very high for an independent. (Most independents get 1% or less.)  Also no one would dispute that there must have been many other voters who agreed with me on the issues but didn’t want to “waste” their vote on someone who “can’t win”.  I might add that I was probably outspent by about 30 to 1 and had, save for my wife and kids, basically no campaign volunteers.  (Maybe that should have told me something).

Anyway, I heartily congratulate the winners, Matt, Claire and Brian for a job well done.  I will be around, both at the meetings and probably on this blog, to point out (as a friend, of course) any errors in your policies.

And a word to the Republicans: I’m relieved that my participation in the race didn’t cost you a seat on the council, but knowing you guys, both the three candidates and all the guys and gals who are active in the party, I know that even if I had effected the outcome it wouldn’t have made any difference in the absolute graciousness you’ve shown towards me.  I thank every one of you for your kindness and I’m proud to consider all of you to be friends of mine.

I also want to thank my wife Karen for her love and support (and mostly for letting me spend about $3000 on this ill-fated project).

Many thanks too, to reporters Michelle Gladden at the Asbury Park Press and Molly Mulshine at The Coast Star for their expert and unbiased reporting and to Jeanne Petillo at the Star for her great service to me at their advertising dept.

The bright side:  I can stop shaving every day, I can grow my hair longer again, and all that money I would have had to spend at Men’s Warehouse had I won I can now put to better use (beer and cigarettes).

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