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The Arrogance Of Frank Pallone

What an amazing story.  From his hardscrabble beginnings in Long Branch (I am told his father was a used car dealer there) this humble man has risen in power to compete with God in Heaven himself.  And with the blessing of his re-election he can now move beyond telling us what kind of light bulbs we must buy, and actually “stabilize the economy” and “grow the middle-class”.  Amazing.  (The biggest thing I can grow is tomatoes.)

He better grow an entirely new middle-class because his current middle-class constituents voted against him in large numbers.  These uninformed rubes (myself included) voted by a significant margin (in Belmar it was 53% to 47%) for that insignificant and appropriately-named woman Anna Little, who has no idea how to stabilize the economy or grow a middle class.  We should be so thankful that our state government had the great wisdom to stretch the 6th district all the way to New Brunswick and Plainfield so all those better-informed urban voters could negate our votes and gives us back Frank Pallone.

The 6th district is an abomination. I would rather have no congressman at all than have the uber-arrogant Frank Pallone doing all the damage he is doing in my name.  We must demand that the coming redistricting include a district for the northern Jersey shore area that includes only our area. 

Monmouth County has approximately 600,000 residents.  Congressional districts also have about 600,000 residents.  Why not make the 6th (or whatever number) just for the Monmouth County area?  I’ll tell you why.  It might actually give we middle-class suburban voters here true representation in Congress.

God (and Frank Pallone) forbid.

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