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What Goes Around Comes Around.


From today’s Asbury Park Press story about the sentencing of Dharun Ravi:

Communities that once fought for bias intimidation laws now are questioning their application in this case,…….


Ravi’s mother, Sabitha, spoke at the rally, as did Pradip “Pete” Kothari, who said he was among those in New Jersey who originally pushed for the bias intimidation statute in the wake of a fatal beating in 1987 of an Indian man in Hoboken.

“The very law the members of our community have asked for in the past has been put against somebody wrongfully to ruin his life and his family’s life,” Kothari said. “They should not have tried Dharun Ravi for hate crimes. That was a wrong judgment by the prosecutor.”

At least one gay-rights activist gets it:

Members of the gay community, likewise, are unhappy with how the bias intimidation laws are being applied here. Bill Dobbs, a New York-based gay activist and civil libertarian who attended the Ravi trial and rally, said the bias intimidation laws are unnecessary and have the potential to cause backlash.

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