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Probe: AshBritt towns don’t get funds faster

Politically connected AshBritt’s biggest selling point to Sandy-hit towns was that it could get federal reimbursement for debris removal faster than competitors.

But millions of extra taxpayer dollars later, that hasn’t proven to be true, the Asbury Park Press found. Smaller, cheaper cleanup operators are winning Federal Emergency Management Agency paybacks just as fast as AshBritt.


So far more than $178 million in reimbursements have been obligated by FEMA for debris removal and other emergency work. Town officials who turned away from AshBritt cut their debris removal bills in half, yet report no problems in getting reimbursed by FEMA.


Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik said proponents of AshBritt’s work miss the point that cash-strapped local governments were limited by how much money they could tie up with a debris collector.

“Using AshBritt would have been cost-prohibitive and I don’t think it will ultimately make a difference in FEMA reimbursements that we came up with our own options,” Hornik said.


You have to feel bad for the people of Marlboro.  They couldn’t afford the “Cadillac” of carting companies.

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