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Uncle! Uncle!

Up until now I’ve been in favor of allowing the sequestration to happen.  I have been ready to accept the crime, pestilence, foreign invasion, terrorist attacks and total breakdown of the national infrastructure that would surely accompany the implementation of the sequester.  Anything to save a few bucks.

But I learned something this morning that makes it just a bridge too far.

Congressman Bill Pascrell (D), as quoted in Blue Jersey:

“Sequestration would be nothing short of a fiscal hurricane for the victims that have already been devastated. Of the $51 billion in Sandy aid passed last month, about $3 billion would be cut if Congress does not step in with a plan. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to come together……………..There are those in Congress who don’t want to cooperate and compromise, only to bring the country to its knees.”



(By the way, has anyone noticed if there’s cuts in there for green energy subsidies or Obamaphones?)


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