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Smoker Saves Boston!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the nine thousand some-odd law enforcement personnel involved in the chase for the Boston terrorists. We must particularly remember MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was killed, and Boston transit officer Richard Donahue, who was seriously wounded in separate encounters with the Tsarnaev brothers.

But can we  please also take a minute here to thank the man who actually caught Dzhokhar, the younger of the two bomber brothers?  It was my (first) name sake and brother smoker, David Henneberry.

Mr. Henneberry, president of his local yacht club, decided to go out to his back porch Friday afternoon for a cigarette break and noticed that a section of the tarp covering his 24ft Seabird pleasure boat that was parked in his yard was flapping in the wind.  He took a closer look and discovered that the tie-down strap had been cut and that there was blood on the tarp.  He grabbed a ladder, climbed up the side of the boat, looked inside and found the wanted terrorist.  He ran back to the house, called 911, and the entire city of Boston and it’s surrounds could breath again.

While thousands of machine gun toting, armored personnel driving troops were searching houses door-to-door looking for their quarry, an alert smoker, whose house wasn’t even within the search perimeter, actually caught the guy.  Unfortunately, in the ensuing shoot-out our hero’s lovingly-maintained boat was shot full of holes.

So to all the bigots out there who seem to have some sort of issue with we Smoker-Americans, next time you walk past us when we’re out on the porch or in front of our offices doing what we do, instead of giving us the usual disapproving sneer how about a little nod of thanks once in a while for all our never-ending vigilance?  The next life we save might be yours.


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