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Monthly Archives: October 2015

5 Day Report

Common Sense Gives Equal Time

Well maybe not quite “equal” but anyway here is a statement from a Democratic party spokesperson:

Just Released!

The Gummer Decision Click it to read:.

You Have To Reject The Bond To Stop The Lawsuits

Press story updated with Doherty reaction Here’s the link. Mayor Matthew Doherty vowed to appeal. “We are absolutely going to appeal this terrible decision by the judge. Now, more than ever, it’s important for the residents of Belmar to vote yes on the Taylor Pavilion referendum question,” he said on Monday. “Our appeal will be […]

Shouldn’t It Be “THAN In The PREVIOUS” ?

Just got around to looking at this: The flip side: Of course aside from dutifully voting yes when called to, Nicolay had nothing to do with any of that.  But here’s the real kicker….only one of those properties IS EVEN PAYING PROPERTY TAX! Can you guess which?

If Only!

Sean Kean Belmar Municipal Attorney?    

Got $3.9 Million?

Disappearing Facebook Comments

10:42 AM: 11:36 AM:

Front Page

“You Have To Pass The Bond To Stop The Lawsuits”

Brought To You By The Belmar Democratic Committee: If you consider the fact that Pringle is now something like 6 for 6 in his legal actions on behalf of residents and beach goers, maybe what the people of Belmar should be saying is “enough” of the serial lawbreaking by the Doherty administration.