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Election High Jinks In Belmar

There was some high drama at Wednesday’s council meeting when Belmar Democratic Chairman Luis Pulido revealed that someone working on behalf of the Republicans had gained control of the web addresses “” and “ ” so they could redirect people looking for “” to the Republicans’ web site.  Pulido also pointed out that the Republican site only uses the word “Republican” as parts of some news stories at the bottom of the page. 

He repeatedly pressed councilman and mayoral candidate Richard Wright to state if he had any knowledge of this potentially illegal activity.   Mr. Wright denied knowing anything about it.  It was quite surreal when Pulido’s performance was followed by questions from the public about such mundane matters as energy audits and parking tickets.

A Republican campaign volunteer has since admitted to the trickery.  You can read the Democrats’ take on it here.  The Republicans respond here.

I have two questions:  How could the Democrats have neglected to secure the .com version of their .org address?  How is this possible?  (I have owned the .com and .org of this site’s address since the beginning).  And why are the Republicans soft-pedaling the fact that they are Republicans?  I thought this was supposed to be a Republican year.


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