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Same Old (D) vs Same Old (R)

Go to their “issues” pages here and here.  They are vague and they are interchangeable.  This is because their governing philosophies are pretty much the same.  Get as much money as you can from whatever source you can.  Tax tax tax.  Fee Fee Fee.  Beg for money from the county (us).  Beg for money from the state (us).  Beg for money from the feds (us).  Write more tickets (coming soon to Belmar… cameras watching you).  Issue more debt. Whatever.  Get money.  Then strut at the ribbon cutting ceremonies of the monuments you’ve built with other people’s hard earned cash.  I’m not surprised that the Democrats would be worried that, when surreptitiously redirected to the Republicans’ web site, voters might have thought they were the Democrats.  Like I said, they are interchangeable.  This is why both sides resort to this kind of intrigue in order to gain advantage.

Please check out my “my platform” and my “what I believe” pages.  I outline  specific things I want to do, not vague platitudes.  And with my message of individual freedom, I’m certainly not in any danger of being mistaken for a Republican or Democratic politician. 

Want real change?  I don’t know how much I can accomplish by myself up there, but it’s a start.  At least you won’t be hearing the same-old same-old out of me.


*Full disclosure – I am a registered Republican. This is so that I can vote in Republican primaries for anti-establishment Republicans such as Ron Paul, Steve Lonegan, and most recently, Anna Little.

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