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A Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

I think they must have recently added the term “conspiracy theory” to the Democratic crisis management playbook.  When the evidence is on your side argue the evidence.  When the evidence isn’t on your side call it a conspiracy theory.

I’ve been following politics for a long time and don’t recall the term being used by busted politicians very much in the past, but in the past few months I’ve heard it used by three different Democrats to try to explain away something that looks real bad.

Here we have Josh Earnest, the most inappropriately named White House press secretary ever to hold the post, call questions about Lois Lerner’s missing emails a conspiracy theory:

The IRS specifically targets the Tea Party, which is the only real opposition to the government’s socialist agenda left anymore, and then “loses” all of the emails that might have provided the truth about what happened.  Oh, that’s just some conspiracy theory! Sure.

Then we have Democratic Governor Chris Christie.  Being the outsized personality that he is, the governor  juiced it up a little bit and called questions about the George Washington Bridge lane closures  “wild eyed conspiracy theories from a left wing blog“.

Here in Belmar the conspiracy theories come from a “right-wing, anti-government blog”.  And Jim Bean.

Remember when I complained about the apparent conflict of interest when Belmar’s new “responsible bidder” ordinance required contractors to participate in a union apprenticeship program?  I believed it was improper to have such an requirement when the chairman of Belmar’s favorite contractor, Epic Construction, sits on the Board of Trustees of the Laborers Union Training and Education Fund.  The mayor’s wife works or has worked for the same union.  It’s all laid out here.

Asked by the Coast Star to comment on it:

Ms. Connolly said the conversation at Tuesday’s meeting “took a very weird turn” as Councilman Bean and others were making “crazy town conspiracy theories about why we’re doing this.”

 And the recent dust-up over the um…unusual placement of a Seafood festival porta-potty was addressed by the mayor and quoted in the Star:

Mayor Doherty said, “typically we don’t really give these conspiracies much weight and we don’t really care much about them”.

Seems to me that the c word is being used an awful lot by Democrats lately.  Or maybe it’s just some crazy conspiracy theory.

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