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Off To Porcfest!

Tomorrow morning we’re leaving on our annual pilgrimage to the promised land.  No not Israel.  New Hampshire.

Yes, this week is Porcfest, the annual gathering of the Free State Project porcupines.


The Free State project is a plan to move 20,000 pro-liberty activists all to New Hampshire so we can concentrate our efforts on creating in at least one small part of the country a place where we can live as freely as possible.  Basically what we need to do is take everything New Jersey is doing and do the opposite!

There was an excellent full-length movie made about the Project a few years ago if you have some time to kill:

Porfest ends on Sunday so then we are driving down to Hampton Beach where I will spend the rest of the week smoking on the beach.

Incidentally, nobody up here even knows what a beach badge is.

Anyway, I might not be writing much while I’m away but I hope you can all still find a reason to live.

My good friend Mike Seebeck has generously volunteered to tape the July 1 Council meeting.  We will work to get it up on the site as quickly as we can.

BTW, the porcupine was chosen as our mascot because they’re cute and they’re not aggressive but you’ll be making a mistake if you step on one!

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