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And They Think The “Element” Is Scarey

A Halloween Tale

As Told By Tom Burke


Just what shenanigans does one suppose our chief Belmar Goblin has planned for this Halloween?
Now let me see: Halloween is the 31st of this month, and apparently the Judge will be making decisions on the various lawsuits, etc. concerning our Boardwalk and its pavilions on the 28th of the month. That is just two days from mischief night.

Being sort of a pragmatic person I smell mischief brewing.

It was stated at the last council meeting that bids for the boardwalk pavilions will be opened (or what ever it is that they do with them) on the 23rd of October. Do you suppose that is why our head Goblin changed the next council meeting to that date? I do.
Thing is though, the Judge said he was busy that day and could not rule until the 28th. That is 3 days prior to Halloween and 8 days before the election for 2 Belmar council seats.

Wow, the Goblin is going to have his hands full trying to fit in his mischief and agenda’s prior to the election. If somehow he gets a partial win in Freehold,and wants to hastily (whats the rush) award someone a contract on the pavilions, he would have to announce a special council meeting after the Judge’s decisions. I think there is a minimum of 2 days notice for such special sessions. It would seem to me that to announce a special session prior to decisions by the Judge would not be in order if the purpose for the meeting was not yet defined by those same decisions. This is where shenanigans come to play.

My bet is this will be attempted. Let’s watch for this devious trick as it is this type of mischievous undertakings that define a goblin.

I guess what I am saying is that this Halloween is likely to be a real “Trick or Treat” affair. Is the Goblin going to try and trick us, or are we all going to be treated with change to our council. One thing I think we can all count on is that there will be shenanigans attempted. So, lets all keep a watchful eye on the gremlins.


Of course the right thing to do would be hold off on awarding any contracts until after the newly-elected council is seated.  But then again, the right thing would have been to allow a referendum on the plan.

If the mayor does call a special meeting to award a contract in the last week before election day it can only mean that he’s not feeling too confident about the Democrats winning this election.

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