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Mayor Doherty may or may not ever get to dine at his hoped-for Taylor Pavilion banquet hall but Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, a newly inducted member of “the element”, served him a big old plate of crow yesterday.  Lawson handed down opinions in two of the three “frivolous” lawsuits files by Ken Pringle on behalf of a number of residents and beach goers.  Doherty lost both of them.  (BTW, with first and last names that begin with the word “law”, I guess the judge’s career path was pretty much set at birth.)

The two opinions, one on the impermissible use of badge revenues, and the other on the Borough’s failure to allow the bond referendum, can be viewed here.

I am told that the Judge will be entering orders consistent with his opinion.  It is expected that they will require the Borough to put forward it’s position regarding the uses of the various sections of the pavilions, so that the court can allocate what portion can be charged to the beach utility.  He also ordered municipal clerk April Claudio to do her job and review the bond petition.   All actions on redevelopment  remain stayed until further notice.

In the Grau case, which challenges the legality of the redevelopment declaration, Lawson ordered further discovery on the issue of “blight”.  I am told that by the way the order was framed, Pringle will probably win that one too.  I can’t really understand how the administration can go around telling us how beautiful the beachfront looks, and featured it in much of the recent campaign literature, but then turns around and tells the court that the whole area is “blighted”.  Well actually, as a recent opposition candidate, I can understand it.  With this crowd facts are quite malleable, and are generally determined by time, circumstance and audience.

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  1. ms.perspicacity wrote:

    “Power to the Element, right on, right on!” Unfortunately it has taken the actions of the law-people to make evident what should have been painfully obvious to anyone with insight, no, anyone with integrity and plain common sense. I really hoped that you and Mr. Burke would have won.

    Friday, November 8, 2013 at 1:21 pm | Permalink

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