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Belmar’s Illegal Fishing Expedition

What a coincidence!  The same day there is an APP article in which Belmar’s Democrats claimed to know nothing about Jim Bean having a rental unit with tenants, they announce a new policy (see below) that requires Bean and all other landlords in Belmar to give the town more information about those tenants than they are legitimately and legally entitled to have.  

From the 2001 case “United Property Owners Association of Belmar v. Borough of Belmar” , section XI-B: 

The judge invalidated the following provisions of the Ordinance:

Applications for certificates of inspection must include both (1) a copy of the lease, if there is a written lease, “executed by all adult persons who will be tenants”;  the applicant may redact the rent amount, Ordinance § 26-2.4d;  and (2) an affidavit of each tenant stating:

i.   whether he or she maintains a residence elsewhere, and providing the full address thereof;

ii.   providing a true and correct copy of his or her driver’s license or if not available alternative proof of identification;

iii. listing the names of all minors who will occupy the dwelling unit, and the ages of each child as of the date of the application.


Bean and every other landlord should “recuse” themselves from participation in this gross violation of our privacy rights and of the law.

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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    Very Good Job David.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 8:15 am | Permalink

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