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Everyone In Town Knew

From Friday’s Asbury Park Press:

During a council meeting on Wednesday, Mayor Matt Doherty chastised Bean for not abstaining on the vote, saying he should have known better.

Before a resident pointed out the potential conflict in a letter to the mayor, Doherty and the other Democrats on the dais said they were unaware that Bean, a Republican, had an accessory dweling.

“I’ve never been to his house,” Doherty said. “Every member of the council needs to police themselves.”

But in the June 14, 2012 edition of the Coast Star we read:

Councilman Jim Bean, of 16th Avenue, owns an accessory dwelling unit but did not recuse himself from the vote. He said he did not recuse himself because none of the criteria in the ordinance would affect his accessory dwelling unit, which is a year-round rental and already has heat.

“I didn’t recuse myself because it didn’t matter,” Councilman Bean said. “The law won’t affect me one way or another.”

While the ordinance might not affect Councilman Bean, there are other residents in the borough that the ordinance will affect.

I guess it’s possible our mayor and the Democrats on the council don’t read the Star, but how did the reporter know?  I’m fairly sure she hasn’t been to Bean’s house either.

It’s because Mr. Bean talked about it at the meeting.

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