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County Action Triggers OPRA Lawsuit

You may recall last month I introduced you all to a fantastic new website called OPRAmachine.  I love it and I’m sure many of you love it but apparently Monmouth County doesn’t love it so much and is now refusing to comply with OPRA requests made through the site.  This happened because someone fulfilling an OPRA request made through the site messed up and included in the reply information that should have been redacted.

The solution is for them to train their people to be more careful when responding to OPRA requests.   The solution is not to violate our right to transparency in government. A public document is a public document and if the information is OPRAable the County has no business withholding it just because they don’t like who requested it or the fact that it will be automatically published the web.  Monmouth is going to lose this lawsuit and waste a lot of taxpayer money along the way.



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