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“Free” Beaches and Government-Supplied Happiness Lessons.

I’m sure many of you read the article in Sunday’s Press about the push for the beaches to be “free”. I object to using the term “free” in this instance. Their “free” beaches should actually be referred to as “paid for by somebody else” beaches. To my mind a “free” beach is one where you are free, as I (so elegantly) described in my previous post. Having taxpayer supplied lifeguards and clean-up crews to benefit the small percentage of the population that goes to the beach actually makes us all less free. 

The mindset that allows people who consider themselves to be moral, yet are in favor of using the force of government to make other people pay for the things they want will be the downfall of our society. It is not justice. It is plunder.

The Pringle administration is a reliable proponent of  having other people pay for our goodies. As quoted in the APP story, the Mayor thinks it’s “fair” to charge a fee for the services supplied at the beach because “many beach goers are from out of state”. How about it’s fair to charge a fee because people should pay for what they get? Now there’s a novel thought.

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I’m sure most of you have not read Claire Deicke’s article “Belmar Gets In Step with the Mayors Wellness Campaign” in this month’s NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES magazine. Yes, I read NEW JERSEY MUNICIPALITIES magazine. (I don’t have much of a life). It was all about all the wonderful programs the local government participates in to prod us into living what they deem to be healthy, safe lifestyles. This encompasses pushing their views on everything from diet and activities to even chiropractors and yoga instruction. Now I don’t know if Ms. Deicke is pro-life or pro-choice but I do find it interesting that liberals feel so strongly about keeping the government out of our bodies when it comes to abortion, but support every other kind of government intrusion into our bodies, be it Obamacare or Mayors’ Wellness Campaigns. Personally, I think the government should have nothing to say about anyone’s lifestyle unless that lifestyle involves killing, robbing, or otherwise demonstrably harming others. (Libertarian pro-lifers consider unborn babies to be one of those others.)

Near the conclusion of the article, Ms. Deicke states “The Mayor’s Wellness Campaign committee of Belmar continues to consider program ideas that will benefit residents, and is committed to educating the public as to what is involved in leading happy, healthy lives“. Well. I bet you didn’t know that we all need to be “educated” by the government  “as to what is involved in leading happy, healthy lives”. I’m sure glad we have big brother (or in this case, sister) to instruct us.

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