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I’m Baaaa…..aaack!!

Press release 6-06-12

I am very happy and excited this morning to report that I have qualified to be on the ballot and will be running again this year for the position of councilman for the Borough of Belmar.  I will compete as an independent under the ballot heading of “Protecting Belmar’s Taxpayers”.

I choose this phrase not only as an intention or promise but as something that describes what I already have been doing for many years now to the extent possible as a private citizen.  I want to do more.

Regular readers of your publications, and those who regularly attend town council meetings are already familiar with my vocal support for traditional American values such as property rights, individual freedom, personal responsibility and the equal protection and treatment of all people.  They are familiar with my opposition to increased spending, increased debt, and unfair means of revenue collection such as red light cameras.  They also are aware of my activism in favor of a more equitable distribution of our state income tax dollars of which Belmar receives a small fraction of the amount we send to Trenton every year.  I have also fought for the state to repeal the unfair and unfunded mandates imposed on New Jersey’s  towns.  These mandates are a terrible burden to our taxpayers and most of them don’t do anyone in Belmar any good anyway.

Aside from these issues and others, I am running in order to promote an idea.  It is a simple idea and it is the one on which our nation was founded:  The individual owns his or her life, has a right to 100% of that life, and has the right to fully enjoy the fruits of his or her labor free from the threat of force.  I strongly oppose the use of force against peaceful honest citizens no matter what benefit those who would use force might see in it.

I will not be running a traditional campaign this time because I can not afford it and I will not accept any campaign contributions.  I will keep my expenditures under the state threshold for requiring campaign reports.  So unlike the handsomely funded campaigns of my opponents, I will depend on the evenhanded reportage of your publications (as I have enjoyed in my previous campaigns) and on the simple power of word-of-mouth of the people in town who recognize the difference between those who take positions based on political expediency and one who takes positions based on what he believes is right and in keeping with American principles.  And I am confident that many voters will see the difference between those who get involved in order to win public office, and someone who runs for public office in order to be more deeply involved and effective than he already is.


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