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Breaking! Wall Street Journal Discovers Basic Economics!

Classify under: Well……Duh!

From today’s WSJ:

As Student Debt Grows, Possible Link Seen Between Federal Aid and Rising Tuition

Money Quote:

The new study found that tuition at for-profit schools where students receive federal aid was 75% higher than at comparable for-profit schools whose students don’t receive any aid. Aid-eligible institutions need to be accredited by the Education Department, licensed by the state and meet other standards such as a maximum rate of default by students on federal loans.

The tuition difference was roughly equal to the average $3,390 a year in federal grants that students in the first group received, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by Claudia Goldin of Harvard University and Stephanie Riegg Cellini of George Washington University.


I could have told you that without their big fancy study.  Actually I sort of did in the post just below the one below this.

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