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Leave Fireworks To The Professionals

But We Can’t Afford To Pay The Professionals!

(So, no fireworks for you!)


Today’s feature story in Asbury Park Press @issue section “FIZZLED” is about how New Jersey towns, due to tight budgets and Christie’s 2% tax increase cap, can no longer afford to put on fireworks shows on July 4.  And what’s the 4th without fireworks?  C’mon!

I have a solution.  Why don’t we just be like the 40 some-odd states that trust and permit their citizens to buy and use their own fireworks?












Look at all those blue states.  Are they all crazy there?  And if not, why can their people be trusted but not ours? 

But, you say, fireworks are dangerous.  Somebody might get hurt! 

Hey, no problemo!  Remember?  We have Obamacare now!

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