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My Hidden Motive Unveiled!

The oft-repeated assertion by the other side that opposition to the mayor’s grandiose redevelopment plan is politically driven is something they may believe, but its certainly not true.  Maybe they just can’t believe that people don’t like the plan they all worked so hard on.  After all, its so beautiful, so perfect, how could the folks not want it?  They must have some darker motive!  They’re spreading lies and rallying opposition to the plan as a way to take power!

Well first of all, the opposition to the plan started with Ocean Ave area residents.  Is there some sort of correlation in our biological makeup between proximity to the ocean and level of political ambition?  Not likely.  Its because it is they who live closest to where the buildings are to be built.  They don’t want to have to live with the buildings and the additional noise and traffic.  And they, and other residents, are legitimately concerned about borrowing another $7 million when we already had a total debt of over $40 million.  Many of the opponents are Democrats and the group is being legally represented by a rather well-known Democrat in town.

Now the other side could say that yes, maybe it started in an apolitical way but you Republicans hitched your wagon to the controversy with the intent of riding it to electoral success!  Speaking for myself, I can’t help the fact that in this particular case my opinion seems to match those of the majority in town.  Everyone who watches politics here in Belmar knows me and knows that I have core beliefs that drive my thinking and that I’m about the last person who would take a position based purely on it’s popularity.  I believe in limiting the scope and power of government to it’s proper size so that the people may flourish.  The mayor’s plan expands the power of Belmar’s government so naturally I’m highly skeptical about it.

I know its hard to imagine, but let’s say that the mayor told us: you know, we owe a lot of money and we still don’t know for sure how much we can expect from FEMA.  We lived without the pavilions for one summer and we can wait a little longer.  Let’s see how much more aid we get and what our finances look like a few months from now before we act.  Then if we’re not in such bad shape we can replace the pavilions we lost with a few nice, new buildings similar to what was there.

Does anyone out there think for a minute that I would oppose that?  If I was political I might.  I might say that the mayor is against recovery!  He’s pretending to be careful and practical about rebuilding only because its politically popular!  But he’s hurting the people because they need a catering hall and other big buildings right away, in time for next summer.  Hold special meetings if you have to to rush it along!  And bond $7 million right away!

Anyone who knows me would have to be living in the bizzaro world to think that I would ever say those things.

Anyway, I’m hoping that enough people, after all these years I’ve written and spoken out about the issues, do know me.  Those people know I could only have one reason to oppose the redevelopment plan.  I oppose it because I think its the wrong thing to do.


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  1. Teddy Ehmann wrote:

    I know you. I trust your values and principles. Heck, I even like you like a brother. Believe me, I would vote for you twice, but I am not a Democrat and Independents aren’t allowed to vote twice. It has something to do with fraud. I support you and everyone that I have supported in the past ( except for Eugene McCarthy won.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

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