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Who Are The Radicals Here?

Don’t you think it’s kind of funny how the other side is working hard to characterize Jim, Tom and I as “radicals”?  I’d like them to name one “radical” change we wish to impose on the people of Belmar.  They call us ideologists, but the three of us are simply defending the ideology that’s already here, the one we grew up with, the one, by the way, that made our country what it is.  Our ideology and values are small town America, theirs, Berkeley, California.  So I believe that what they don’t like about us is that we’re the traditionalists and we stand in the way of the radical changes they want to make.

Shortly after taking office our new mayor fired long-time business administrator Robbin Kirk, fired long-time borough attorney Karl Kemm, and went on a spending binge that increased our debt by millions before the storm.  And since the storm he’s declared the entire town an area in need of rehabilitation with all the extra government power, probably soon to be exercised, that goes with it.  He also declared the beachfront an area in need of redevelopment, which gives him near total control of what happens down there.

We are now getting on our new boardwalk, on public property, large multi-story commercial buildings that clearly most people in town don’t want.  There will be shopping and restaurants.  There will most likely be live music and liquor licenses.

Jim, Tom and I are defending the Belmar that is.  We wish to protect the Belmar that attracted each of us to move here in the first place.  It’s the other side that wishes to impose major, yes radical, changes on the folks here in Belmar.

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