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Pretty Good Coverage In The Star Ledger

Doherty said flyers that were passed out around town criticizing the pavilion plans contained gross exaggerations and “blatantly misinform people and blatantly lie.”

“Since Sandy there has been an element in town that has opposed our recovery… they opposed the rebuilding of our boardwalk and now they’re opposing the rebuilding of the pavilions,” he said. “We talk about getting together as a community, getting behind each other and working together moving forward. To have people trying to divide a community is simply wrong.”

While he said he that he understands that everyone is entitled to their opinion, Doherty said he thinks it’s “reprehensible” what some people have been doing in town.

“We’re a small town, we’re a small community. I say let’s work together, I say let’s get behind each other, let’s not do this,” he said.

This did not sit well with the critics of the plan.

“You don’t start a dialogue by going on a 45-minute rant against your critics. I’d like to hear who in this town you think is against recovery. Who? No one is against recovery. Maybe we’re against no bid contracts, maybe we’re for taking a more contemplative view before we dive into this headfirst. It doesn’t mean we’re against recovery,” said C Street resident David Schneck, adding he felt Doherty’s comments were classless and “offensive.”


Rest of the story here.

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